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Welcome to The Great Indoors Mold Removal

Mold remediation, serving NJ

Welcome to Quality Air Care, one of New Jersey’s most experienced mold remediation and air duct cleaning companies. Our services result in longer-lasting allergen-free air for your living and working spaces. We pride ourselves in bringing all-around relief to allergy sufferers and their loved ones. Illnesses borne from environmental exposure to allergens has been on the rise with more cases now being reported than ever before. That being the case, Quality Air Care offers comprehensive mold remediation services for both residential and commercial spaces.

Mold Testing & Mold Removal Services

Our services extend far beyond mold removal in NJ. We offer mold testing and mold remediation as well as vent cleaning services. Our vent cleaning services ensure your air ducts are free from dust mites, mildew and dander. Studies have shown that the harmful effects of indoor air pollutants can be felt years after exposure to allergens, so professional dust cleaning is essential for a healthy environment for your family today and for years to come.

Stachytotrys chartarum, commonly known as Black mold is a known allergy trigger and may induce wheezing, skin rashes, and flu like symptoms among other adverse reactions. As a result of Hurricane Sandy, reports of black mold sightings and the harmful reactions they trigger has surged. An after-effect of the storm has been a marked increase in asthma attacks. Sadly, black mold borne from post-storm conditions has created many new asthma sufferers. If your property experienced even one inch of flooding, you and your loved ones can be at risk to black mold exposure. Though less toxic than black mold, green mold is known to cause allergic reactions in people who cannot be exposed to penicillin. Green mold, can live in refrigerator units, damp attics and basements or anywhere else where moisture exists in your home or office. Our mold testing and mold remediation services can rid your home of these hidden dangers and the health consequences they bring.

If you suspect you have mold growing in your drywall, basement or anywhere else in your home, call us to get it tested today. With the help of Quality Air Care, you’ll surely breathe a lot easier.

We provide allergen free mold removal methods

Quality Air Care has been the tri-state’s leading allergen removal professional for 12 years. We specialize in mold assessment, remediation and air duct cleaning. Whether residential or office space, an allergen free environment is conducive to better health and easier breathing. Our goal is to bring about the safest, allergen free environment possible for you and your loved ones. Using a proven method, we bring relief to allergy and asthma sufferers and ensure the environment is cleansed of harmful allergens.

The professionals at Quality Air Care respond to calls from property owners and building managers when there is concern about the air quality of their building. Whether it is to provide remediation services or to act pro-actively to ensure the building environment is conducive to healthy conditions, we address all air quality concerns of small properties, large properties as well as industrial capacities. Additionally, we facilitate real estate transactions by providing remediation services and provide the documentation that certifies the dwelling is allergen free. We work on behalf of bank, real estate brokers, buyers and sellers to ensure the sale or occupancy is worry free in regards to air quality. As members of Angie’s List, we are highly regarded and highly recommended. Feel free to contact us for references and testimonials.